Sunday, May 29, 2011

Traditional and Tasty Foods of Bangladesh

This is the main traditional food of Bangladesh.This is called Panta Vaat with Ilish Mach vaja.Panta vaat means the rice which was cooked a day before and then the rice was preserved with giving extra water with it.On the occasion of Pohela Boishak thats mean on the first day of Bengali new year people eat this dish huge.The other things except the Hilsha fish fry are called Vorta.Those are nothing but mashed potatoes,Daal and other vegetables.People also add another item named Shutki Vorta which is the smashed dry fish with some spice.

These are typical spicy curry

This is another figurative snacks of Bangladesh People which is called Fuchka.People of young age like this food 

This is another traditional snacks named Singara.This is made up of flour and inside it some mixed vegetables are put.

This is called puri.Another favorite snacks of Bangladesh

This is typical spicy fish curry with some gravy.

This is also a fish curry but the gravy part is less.It is called Fish Vuna.

Mixed Vegetable curry with rice.

This is typical dal curry

This is called Nan Ruti.This is made up of flour and no oil is used to fry this.

These are all Kabab's of different kinds.These are all made up of different kind of meat.

Mahasthangarh-City of Oldest Archaeology

Mahasthangarh is the oldest archaeological site of Bangladesh.It is situated in the north of Bogra.It is a interesting site of oldest archaeological of Bangladesh.This history was pasted many years ago. 
Mahasthangarh-city in the plain 
Place called  Gokul  
Ramparts of Mahasthangarh citadel 
Karatoya River by the Mahasthangarh citadel

Rajbari- Symbol of Modern Architecture

Rajbari is the most beautiful place in Natore district which is in Rajshahi division.It was residence of the Dighapatiya Raj.Though it's a old building but it's architecture is similar like modern one.There has many flower garden many oldest tree and trees are very longest.It stands with longest area.

Sclupture infront of Rajbari

Mainamati- A Landmark of Ancient History

Mainamati is situated in Comilla which is the south east of Dhaka.Mainamati is an extensive centre of Buddhist culture.A landmark of Bangladesh ancient history, it represents a small mass of quasi-lateritic old alluvium.The glory and magnitude of that remarkable past is emphatically manifest in the innumerable monuments, mounds and excavated remains, adequately supplemented by an impressive array of stray finds from the area.There is a museum called 'Mainamati Museum'.The Mainamati Museum is a prominent torist attraction.

Mainamati -view like a picture

Front view of Mainamati

Salbon Vihara in Mainamati

Sangshad Bhaban : A symbol of Modern Architecture

The national assembly building of Bangladesh is "Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban" which is located in Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka.The architect of this building is Luis I. Khan and one of the most beautiful complexes in the world.All parliamentary activities are held under this building.The main building is divided into three parts.The parts are The main plaza,South Plaza and The Presidential plaza.The building is surrounded by a lake and when the sky  is clear you can see the image of the building in the lake water.The most important part of the main plaza is the parliamentary chamber.The main entrance is through the south plaza.The presidential plaza is faced to the lake road and is for the MP's and other dignities entrance.Below are some exclusive pictures of the building:

Sangshad Bhaban Front View

Sangshad Bhaban view from the lake road

Inside the parliament

View from the lake road

Image of Sangshad bhaban in the water

Full image of Sangshad bhaban in the water

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Six Seasons in Bangladesh

Bangladesh enjoys six seasons in a year-each distinct from the other in respect of gaiety, color and complexion.The six seasons not only shape and reshape,the landscape but also mould and influence the life-style of the people.Each of the seasons displays its own characteristics and its own unique weather.The six seasons are Summer, Rainy Season, Autumn, Late Autumn, Winter, Spring.

The Summer is characterized by sweltering heats punctuated at times by devastating nor'wester or the Kalbaishakhi with the accompaniment of thunder, lightning and hailstorm.
Stormy Night

Cloudy sky
Summer Rice

The Rainy season comes with its torrential rains often flooding and inundating rivers, meadows, fields and countryside. The country, as if, bathes in fresh waters when the exotic flowers bloom and rhythmic sounds of rainfall resembles a melodious symphony.In this season aFlower called "Kadam Ful" is found everywhere.

Man with a Umbrella

Dews in green leaf

Kadam Ful

In autumn the skies are blue and a cool wind blows. Flowers bloom, the rice ripens and the harvest begins. Blue, gold and green are the colours of autumn.
Autumn in bangladesh
Kas Ful

Late Autumn
During this season, the land is at its luscious best. Festivals flourish to hail the harvest, the end of the floods, the coming of the new soil and the wonder of the rivers. The country’s troubadours are everywhere, dressed in bright clothes and singing for money. By the season’s end, the air is no longer humid. Fresh scents replace the dry jute smell
Farmers busy with new crops

In winter the earth dries and dust forms. Warm clothes are pulled out. Young people play tennis, football, cricket and golf.Fogs are covered all over the sky in the morning. Sometime it shows dense fog and the sun does not show as usual.
Foggy morning
winter morning
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