Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bandarban : The Hilly Green Beauty Close To the cloud

Bandarban is a district of Chittagong division and it is located in the south-eastern corner of Bangladesh.Name of some tourist spots are Nilachal,Shoila Prapat,Prantik Lake,Chimbuk,Boga Lake,Rijuk Fall,Keokradong,Tahjingdong,Shangu River,Golden Temple,Nilgiri.
Clouds are crawling in the village

Water fall

Land Scape in Bandarban

Golden Temple

Boting facility in the lake

Boga Lake:Excellent scenic beauty
Inside Bangladesh, Bandarban is bordered by Cox's Bazaar, Chittagong, Rangamati and Khagrachari. On the other side of the national border lies Myanmar provinces of Chin and Arakan. The district also features river Sangu, also known as Sangpo or Shankha, the only river born inside Bangladesh territory. The other rivers in the district are Matamuhuri and Bakkhali. Meranja, Wailatong, Tambang and Politai are the four hill ranges here. Parts of the biggest lake in Bangladesh - Kaptai Lake - fall under the area of

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