Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kaptai Lake : Haven on Water

Kaptai lake is situated in Rangamati,Chittagong,Bangladesh.To groove around this lake you need to hire a boat which is engine driven and it will take upto 2200 BDT.The trip will be a whole day trip and whole the journey is on the water.
Lake View from the very starting point

People Enjoying in a boat

Sides of the lke

Peda Ting Ting


View from the top of the Island Tuk Tuk

To take your lunch one lunch break will be given and you will take your lunch in a restaurant situated on an Island named Peda Ting Ting.There are 2-3 Island and the boatman will lead you any of these 3 Islands.The other Island named Tuk Tuk.You will find some traditional hilly peoples food and you will also get some domestic food like rice,chicken,fish etc.Though the price is bit high but the food is fantastic.

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