Sunday, May 29, 2011

Traditional and Tasty Foods of Bangladesh

This is the main traditional food of Bangladesh.This is called Panta Vaat with Ilish Mach vaja.Panta vaat means the rice which was cooked a day before and then the rice was preserved with giving extra water with it.On the occasion of Pohela Boishak thats mean on the first day of Bengali new year people eat this dish huge.The other things except the Hilsha fish fry are called Vorta.Those are nothing but mashed potatoes,Daal and other vegetables.People also add another item named Shutki Vorta which is the smashed dry fish with some spice.

These are typical spicy curry

This is another figurative snacks of Bangladesh People which is called Fuchka.People of young age like this food 

This is another traditional snacks named Singara.This is made up of flour and inside it some mixed vegetables are put.

This is called puri.Another favorite snacks of Bangladesh

This is typical spicy fish curry with some gravy.

This is also a fish curry but the gravy part is less.It is called Fish Vuna.

Mixed Vegetable curry with rice.

This is typical dal curry

This is called Nan Ruti.This is made up of flour and no oil is used to fry this.

These are all Kabab's of different kinds.These are all made up of different kind of meat.

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