Sunday, June 12, 2011

Moheshkhali Island - A Hidden Beauty in Cox's Bazar

If someone goes to Cox's Bazar,his or her main attraction becomes the sea beach and Inani Sea beach.But there is another hidden beauty in Cox's Bazar which is in an Island.The Island is named Moheshkhali.One can easily go to Moheshkhali to Cox's Bazar by a nice eye catching journey by a speed boat.Many Rikshaw Poolers are waiting their to make a tour with you to show you the scenic beauty.

Moheshkhali Island covers an area of approximately two hundred and sixty-eight square kilometers, and is blanketed in breathtaking mangrove jungles, spectacular ranges of hills and striking landscapes, with some hills standing at just over three hundred meters. It is these rare natural qualities that lure visitors to the island. 

Some of the main attractions on Moheshkhali are the picturesque and peaceful beaches. The Shrine of Adinath, which is dedicated to Shiva, the quaint Buddhist temple and the pagoda are also stunning attractions to visit on the island. The recent completion of the Shaheed Ziaur Rahman Bir Uttam Bridge has connected the island to the mainland, but traveling to Moheshkhali by boat is recommended, as it is terrific way to catch precious memories on film and add another adventure to your exploration of Bangladesh. The two lane bridge has made life much easier for the islanders, allowing them to travel and move goods. They are known for the production of salt, battle leaf and shrimp. The bridge is three hundred and forty-seven meters in length and just over seven meters wide. 

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  1. Moheshkhali Island is famous for its beauty and tranquility. It is the only hilly Island of Bangladesh. I visited the Moheshkhali Island last year just before my bus tours from San Francisco to Los Angeles with my father. This island is famous for Buddhist Temple and Pagoda; we were enjoying a full day sightseeing. In the morning we started for Moheskhali, spend time watching Moheskhali’s tourist places, have a lunch there and on return we visited Sonadia and other nearby Islands where we have sea the live fishing & fisherman's lifestyle; By the afternoon we come back to Cox’s Bazaar.


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