Saturday, June 11, 2011

Seasonal Fruits In Bangladesh

People in Bangladesh are used to buy and eat fruits which are seasonal cause there are various kinds of tasty and juicy fruits are available in Bangladesh.During the time of summer most of the fruits become available.The fruits which are mostly popular during the summer season are Mango,Jackfruit,Black Berry,Lichi ,palm fruit,watermelon and Guava.Other fruits like Apple,Orange,Grapes are available in through out the year.


  1. thanx for this wonderful list :D
    I am working on project where I need to know a thing or two about Bangladeshi fruits and I need some help;
    I want to know what fruits does each district of Bangladesh produce.
    eg Rajshahi is for Mango

    Thank you

  2. @eternallyendure...thanks for your complement.
    Dinajpur produces Lichi a lot.
    Sylhet is for orange.
    Gazipur is for jackfruit.
    Watermelon produced in the sandy places in Bangladesh.
    Jujube all over the Bangladesh.
    Sugarcane in Ishordi.
    Hog Pulm in Barisal.
    Let me know if this works for you.


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