Saturday, June 11, 2011

Traditional Dress of Bangladesh

Kid wearing Dhuti

Fashionable Dhuti Panjabi

Bridal Dress

Dress in a festival called Ga-e-Holud

Kamiz for Woman



Stylish Panjabi


Fashionable saree

Cotton Saree
The traditional dress of Bangladeshi people for male is Lungi and Dhuti-panjabi.For female they wear saree and salwar-kamij.Dhuti is a long piece of cloth.To wear this one need to know how to twist this cloth around the body.Lungi is also a piece of cloth which does not have any zipper or clip to tighten this cloth.If anyone needs to wear it he just need to make the knot and need to know how to do the knot.
Saree is another beautiful dress for woman.Most of the woman wear this dress when they get married.Before marriage they prefer to wear salwar and kamiz.With salwar and Kamiz there is another piece of cloth which is named as Orna.So,the dress is a combination of total 3 piece.


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