Saturday, June 11, 2011

Winter Season In Bangladesh

Farmer Collecting Juice From Date Plam Tree

Mustard Folwers in the field

Muster Flowers in the winter season

Bees Collecting Honey From the Mustard Flower

Different Kinds Of Home Made Cakes

Fog Covering the River Path

Fog in the road during the winter season

Orange During Winter Season

Vegetables During Winter Season

Deer Playing With each Other
The winter season is the fifth season in Bangladesh.In winter season the temperature does not go below 10 degree Celsius  so the coldness is not extreme but the temperature is enjoyable.People get different kinds of vegetables in this season.The filed gets full filled with mustered flowers and a nice smell comes from those flowers.Different kinds of home made cake are prepared in the homes.A special juice "the juice of date plam tree' is very special in this season.The juice is so sweet and in the early morning people collect this juice from the date plam tree.

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