Monday, August 29, 2011

Pori Bibi's Mazar - Ancient Classic Art In Old Dhaka

Poribibir mazar is in old town in Dhaka.This is in Lalbag Kella.Entry in this place is restricted and you can only see this place from outside.Though the entrance is restricted,you can still enjoy its beauty because of its art.The drawing in the brass are so rare that you will be able to discover the uniqueness of the arts on the brass plates. Lal Bag fort is also known as Fort Aurangabad.This is an incomplete Mughal Palace.Pori Bibi was the daughter of Subedar Shyestha Khan.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Dhanmondi Lake : A Beauty In The Dhaka Metro

Dhanmondi Lake is situated in Dhanmondi Residential Area.The road number is 32.Though Dhanmondi is a residential area,this is a very busy place because of some important Universities,Colleges and Hospitals.So,the place is not that much silent as we get the impression from residential area.Still the lake is one of the natural beauty that is a recreation place of the people of whole Dhaka city.People in this area go to the lake side regularly to complete their morning walk or exercise or regular work out.The view is nice and great.You can also do boating in the lake.
There is also a cafe named "Dingi" where you can take some coffee and some snacks.You will get some other traditional food in the cafe situated in the lake area.You can visit this place and get some extra energy in your monotonous urban life.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Best Water Park In Dhaka : Nandan

Nandan is the best water park so far in Dhaka.Nandan is having all the exciting water rides in its water park.The location is Nabinagar-Chandra Highway.It will take a one hour journey to reach there.This is best to go over there at hot day or under the darkness of night.The foods are relatively cheap and fast foods are available.
Opening Time : 11:00 am to 9:00 pm (time varies due to the length of day)
The ticket information's are below :
Entry + Two Rides( Tilt-A-Whirl & Paddle Boat) - Tk. 150
Entry + All Rides (Dry Park) - Tk. 200 (14 Rides)
Entry + All Rides (Water World) - Tk. 250
Entry + All Rides (Whole Park Including Water world) - Tk. 300 (14 +8 Rides)
Kid's Dreamworld Package - Tk. 100 (8 Rides)
Please be noted that no swim suits are allowed to be sure to take you own dress to enjoy over there.Be sure to take a change of clothing; shorts, tee shirts etc for men, Shalwar Kameez, regular shirts trousers for Women.

Amusement Park In Dhaka : Fantasy Kingdom

Fantasy Kingdom is 30 kilometers off from Dhaka city through the way to Savar and this is five kilometers away from Shahjalal International Airport.The park is situated in a village named Ashulia.So,you can go to Fantasy Kingdom using both the way or you can choose the way which is suitable for you.
This Fantasy Kingdom is owned by Concord Group,which is a leading Real Estate Company in the country.This park was opened in 19th February,2002.After the opening it became popular among the kids and the adults.
The rides available right now in Fantasy Kingdom are 1500 feet long roller coaster, a big flume ride, Santaramaria Viking ship, Arabian flying carpet, racehorses, crazy bumps, a big video game arcade etc.Visit Fantasy Kingdom and enjoy !
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