Saturday, October 15, 2011

Jamalpur : Natural Beauty on The Bank Of Brahmaputra River

Bridge Over Brahmaputra River connecting Sherpur

Brahmaputra River in the rainy season

College Road

Doyamoyee Mondir

General Hospital ,Jamalpur

Ashek Mahmud College River

Banyan Tree at Ashek Mahmud College TSC

Jamplpur Zilla School

Shajjalal Mazar

Jamalpur is one of the best district full of natural beauty on the bank of Brahmaputra river.To visit Jamalpur from Dhaka you need to travel by bus or train.Buses are available through out the day and upto 8PM.To visit by train there are 2 trains in the morning and 3 trains in the evening and afternoon.
It will take almost 4 and half hours by train and around 5 hours by bus.But the journey by bus is not that safe as the road condition is not so good.Train journey is safe and enjoyable.
Jamalpur is close to Mymansingh district and this is in the bank of Brahmaputra river.The name jamalpur came from the name of Hazrat Shahjamal.The scenic beauty of the river bank is just awesome.You can enjoy the scenic beauty of the river by going to the bank of river and the spots are Jamalpur Zilla School,General Hospital,Behind Jamalpur Pourosova etc.
The scenic beauty of the pond of the Ashek Mahmud College is just great.The coconut trees are so nicely standing with pride in the pond side.
The road from the pond to the college is just surrounded by green.You will love to see the view from the pond side.

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