Saturday, October 15, 2011

Madhabpur Lake : An Awesome Tourist Destination in Sylhet

Lake view from the top of the hill

Lake view with a Jackfruit Tree

Nice view on the water of the lake

Lake view with the flowers

Lake view from west bank

Lake view just after rain

Lake view from the top of the hill

Lake view

Madhabpur lake is situated at Madhabpur tea estate in Kamalgonj upozilla of Moulovibazar district of Sylhet,Bangladesh.The place is just 8 km away from vanugach.Vanugachh is just 13 km away from srimongol and 24 km away from Srimangal.So,those who visit Srimongol or Moulovibazar,can easily visit the place.
The lake is a great place at winter season cause all the migratory birds from cold countries get together in this lake and the scene becomes awesome.The lake was initially made due to the irrigation of the tea garden.The lake is sorrounded with dotted hills.
Because the entry of the common people was restricted earlier,the infrastructure and other facility of the tourists was not upto the mark but now a days the upozilla administration is developing the infrastructure so this is is possible that the destination is going to be one of the important tourist destination in the country.

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