Saturday, October 15, 2011

Murapara Rajbari : An archological beauty in Narayanganj

Murapara Palace which is known as “Murapara Jomidar Bari” is located in the Rupgong of Narayanganj.This is close to Dhaka and one can easily make a one day trip to visit the palace at Narayanganj.The palace is a great archiological symbol.You need to use the Dhaka – Chittagong highway to reach there.After reaching to Bhulta Bazar you need to ask any person where the Murapara College is and anyone will show you the path if you do not know the path.
The palace was built in the year 1890 by Ramraten Banarjee.He was a trusted person of the British Government.When the Indigo Planter leaved the place then they gifted huge gold to Ramratan.Using those he built the palace.
At the time of war in 1971 people stoten many things of the palace but still the beauty shows.After was it was used as refugee camp and now this is used as a college.The name of the college is murapara college.You can make an easy trip for any holiday and enjoy the beauty.


  1. Once my grand father & his ancestors lived there, We are very close to jamindar family this time, my grand father was very respected person in this time. Now we are in India,I really want to visit this place, at least once in my life time.


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