Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nilgiri-Beauty of the Mountains

Top view of nilgiri

Way to nilgiri

Riverside of the mountain

Mountain view

Natural beauty of nilgiri

Recreation place
Nilgiri is the place where anyone can see the beauty of blue mountains.It is situated in Bandarban.This is around 47 kilometers from Bandarban town.The mountains of nilgiri are around 2400 to 2700 ft high from the sea level.Here clouds are playing and dancing with the waves of the wind.In some few lines it is really hard to describe the beauty of nilgiri.Even this beauty cannot not be imagine by seeing these photographs.In one word its a ineffable natural beauty.

Bangladesh-"Mother of Nature"

Bangladesh is a small country(having area of 148,393 sq km ) but its full of natural beauty.Anyone can called Bangladesh as a mother of nature.For a traveler Bangladesh is a beautiful place to see.It has lots of rivers,not only rivers but also Hill tracks,Sea-beach,Tea garden,Waterfall. These are countries main natural resources which makes this place more lucrative to foreigner or tourist.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sangeet Maha Bidyaloy (Musical College) at Dinajpur

Main Building of Dinajpur Sangeet Moha Bidyaloy

Dinajpur musical college

Musical school at dinajpur

Yes,at chakbazar of Dinajpur there is a musical college situated.The college is named as "Dinajpur Sangeet Moha Bidyaloy".This college is situated in front of "Hotel al Rashid".
The main administrative building of the college is the main attraction.The college was established in 1994.The building is made up of red brick.The whole building is combination of red and white.The building was built in british period.At least its look and architecture tells so.
If you see this first time you will think that this is like an old palace or Rajbari.But this is actually a musical college.
The building has two domes which are giving it a more archeological look and enriching aristocracy.One teacher of this college is named as Mr.Ishtiaq and according to him it is the second musical college in Bangladesh.The another one is situated in Dhaka.

Uttar Gonobhaban : Dighapatia Rajbari in Natore

Stature inside Dighapatia Rajbari

Statue made up of Iron

Statue made up of iron in Greek style

This place is in Natore.Mr.President used to stay at this palace named Dighapatia Rajbari.As this is north side of the country this is known as Uttar Gonobhaban.This is only 1-2 kilometers from the main Natore town.You can visit the place from Natore by any type of vehicle like Rickshaw or auto rickshaw.
The whole rajbari is about 43 acers.This was initially built by Dayaram Roy.But after the earthquake on 1897 the whole palace was wrecked.Then it was rebuilt by Pramada Nath Roy.
The security is very strict in the Rajbari.The whole palace is surrounded by lake.Also the whole palace is surrounded by a huge boundary.You will not be able to enter the palace unless you have the proper permission.
You need to have permission from the district commissionaire.
As the place is highly secured and you will only get few visitors,the place is quite calm and quite.You will get various kinds of birds sound in the palace.
Inside the rajbari you will get some statue which are made up of Greek style.You will also get some statue which are black and made up of iron.
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