Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sangeet Maha Bidyaloy (Musical College) at Dinajpur

Main Building of Dinajpur Sangeet Moha Bidyaloy

Dinajpur musical college

Musical school at dinajpur

Yes,at chakbazar of Dinajpur there is a musical college situated.The college is named as "Dinajpur Sangeet Moha Bidyaloy".This college is situated in front of "Hotel al Rashid".
The main administrative building of the college is the main attraction.The college was established in 1994.The building is made up of red brick.The whole building is combination of red and white.The building was built in british period.At least its look and architecture tells so.
If you see this first time you will think that this is like an old palace or Rajbari.But this is actually a musical college.
The building has two domes which are giving it a more archeological look and enriching aristocracy.One teacher of this college is named as Mr.Ishtiaq and according to him it is the second musical college in Bangladesh.The another one is situated in Dhaka.

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