Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dhakai Benarasi Saree

Dhakai Benarasi saree is world famous.Many people come Bangladesh only to buy Benarasi saree.In Dhaka there is a place called Mirpur which is the main place for Benarsi saree.Many many years ago people in Bangldesh started to made this Benarasi saree and now it is world famous.In past Benarasi saree is only wore in weeding day and at that time that saree was too heavy but now a days benarasi saree is not as much as heavy like before so that women can easily wear this in special occasion like in own weeding or in others wedding party.The price of benarasi saree starts from BDT 3000tk.Mainly price depends on material and quality.

Benarasi saree wear by a hindu bride

Wedding Benarasi Saree

Benarasi saree but not very heavy design

Another kind of Silk Benarasi saree

Gorgeous Benarasi saree

Simple Benarasi saree

Rare design of Benarasi

Nice combination of Dhakai Benarasi saree

Party special Benarasi saree

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