Thursday, July 12, 2012

Special Bengali Food

Bangladeshi people are known as glutton people.They love to eat and also love to treat others.Some foods are very special for Bangladeshi people,like Sorse Ilish,Begun Vorta,Sutki Vorta,Rosogolla,Jilapi and so on .

Sorse Ilish
 Sorse ilish is one of the traditional food in Bangladesh.It is very tasty item.In pohela baishak(Bengal new year) sorse ilish is common food for every bangladeshi people.Bangladesh is very popular for ilsha fish(Hilsa Fish).Ilsha Fish in Padma river is very very popular all over the world.

Loitta Sutki Vorta
 Sukti is specially a bengali item.It is made of raw fish.There are different kind of sutki.Sutki is very good for health and also it is very delicious and tasty.

Begun Vorta

 Begun vorta is made of smash brinjal.People usually it this with rice.Its very tasty
 if you mixed lots of spice with it.

 Fuchka and chotpati is one kind of  yummy item.Normally when people go outside with his/her partner/friends or in shopping they usually eat these tasty food.In chotpati and fuchka tarmarind juice is used which makes the item more yummy.This item is specially popular among young people.


Murir Naru
 Murir naru is made of puffed rice with molasses.It is very crunchy.This item is specially made by village people.

Patisapta Pitha


 Jilapi is a special item of old dhaka.In Ramadan this item is very popular in iftar and in Ramadan special jilapi is made in  old dhaka.Its very sweet in taste.

Dhakai Rosogolla
Bangladesh specially Dhaka is famous for Rosogolla.Its a kind of delicious sweet .Its a world famous sweet.
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