Wednesday, March 27, 2013

MyBlogGuest Official Spring Contest: Use MyBlogGuest WordPress Plugin and Win CASH Upto 500 USD!!

MyBlogGuest just has started their spring contest and the contest is about using their WordPress plugin through which you will be able to offer your blog and will also be able to get a lot of guest post.

The use of this plugin is very simple and if you want to know more about this plugin then you can read the post MyBlogGuest WordPress Plugin – You Must Install” and if you want to know much about MyBlogGuest then you can read the post MyBlogGuest – The Best Guest Post Exchange Site!“. One thing is important that if you want to install the plugin then your website must be self hosted WordPress blog. If your blog is not self hosted then also you can have a chance to win the prize just by promoting the contest.

Duration of The Contest:
The duration of the contest is 6 weeks and is from 21st March to 6th May, 2013. During this time MyBlogGuest will track all the activities of their WordPress plugin which is installed in your website.

Prizes for the Contest:

  • $500 prize: Most active publisher (The one who published the most articles through our plugin);
  • $500 prize: Most active “interacter” (The one who actively promotes published guest posts on social media, replies to comments and interacts with the guest author. Feel free to use ViralContentBuzz to promote your guest posts!)
  • $300: Editor’s choice (Our moderators’ special prize)
  • $300: Contest promoter (Our special prize to the blogger who will spread the word about this contest)
How You Can Promote About This Contest:
There are lot of ways to promote this contest online. 
1. You can promote it through any blogging platform. 
2. You can promote it through Facebook.
3. You can promote it through Twitter.
4. Through Pinterest.
5. Through Forums.
6. Through
7. Through your Facebook group or Fan page.
8.Making a video and uploading in YouTube.
9. Using promotional blog banners

If you need more information about this contest then you can visit the official promotional page at

You can also read the article at Tech n Techie for details information about MyBlogGuest contest
If you have any more question then you can send me email through my blog Tech n Techie.

Author Biography:

Author of this post is Himadri Subrah Saha, who also writes for this blog Beautiful Bangladesh and an online active blogger. His own technology blog is

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