Monday, July 1, 2013

Viral Content Buzz Official Content Marketing Contest! - You Can Win Up To 1000 USD !!

Hello Readers, do you know about Viral Content Buzz?? Those who did not hear about Viral Content Buzz just for them my brief description is Viral Content Buzz  is a content marketing site where you will get social share for your content and you will be able to get it just by sharing others content.

You must need to have one account to get shares from Viral Content Buzz and then you can earn credits for free just by sharing other peoples content and then you can use those credits for your content marketing.

To sign up for Viral Content Buzz you can click here. Join here today as it is really a fast growing social share exchange site. This site just announced one awesome contest for you. You will be able to win up to 1000 USD just by sharing other contents and getting shares for your content. Read below to get the details:

Dead line for the contest : The deadline for the contest is 12 th July, 2013.

Requirements for the Contest:

1. You must have one Viral Content Buzz account.
2. You need to add your content within 12 June to 12 th July, 2013
3. You must have one Paypal account as the prize money will be delived only by Paypal.

Prizes for the Contest:

1. The most shared content from Viral Content Buzz will get the grand prize 1000 usd.

2. The most clickable content from Viral Content Buzz will get the second prize 500 USD.
3. The most shared content for Viral Content Buzz will get 200 usd and the prize is for multiple users. You can also get one. Just actively promote about this contest and add it here Spread the word.

Video for The Contest:


Viral Content Buzz Badges:

Viral Content Buzz

You will be able to get more details news about this contest form Viral Content Buzz Grand Viral Contest.

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